A building envelope condition assessment is a report developed to provide a method for evaluating the current building envelope condition and performance, at a low initial cost. Our objective is to provide the most cost-effective, rational approach to identifying the current condition of the building and the needed strategies for continued maintenance or repair of the building. Our services typically include a combination of:

  • Review the original architectural drawings, reports, and past maintenance and renewals inventory.
  • Provide the Owners with a questionnaire for distribution to all occupants.
  • Conduct a general visual review of the key building envelope components.
  • Conduct a moisture content survey.
  • Conduct exploratory openings in the building envelope components if necessary.
  • Prepare professionally sealed report summarizing observations, test results, and recommendations.
  • Meet with the client representative to discuss our conclusions and recommendations

Our report will include observations of the current condition of the building envelope in a manner that is easy to understand including supportive photographs. Our report will often also provide options to our recommendations.