We work closely with the design and construction team during the design and construction stages to ensure that the building envelope performance expectations are met. We focus our services on improvements to the moisture, water, air, and heat flow control of the envelope systems. Our services typically include a combination of:

  • During the DESIGN STAGE, work with the architect and building owner to develop the required building envelope details.
  • During the DESIGN STAGE, review the design documents prepared by the architect to identify potentially problematic details with a focus on conformance with applicable building codes in relation to management of air and moisture movement, thermal performance, ease of construction, scheduling, suitability of materials, maintenance and renewals, and economy. Our review will focus on building envelope components such as walls, windows, doors, skylights, roofs, roof decks, balconies, and at-grade and below grade waterproofing.
  • During the CONSTRUCTION STAGE, review building envelope components related shop drawings and material data sheets for good building practice and general conformance with the project specifications and design details.
  • During the CONSTRUCTION STAGE, conduct periodic field reviews of building envelope elements and issue a field review report after each visit.
  • During the CONSTRUCTION STAGE, conduct an in-situ testing of windows to meet general conformance with ASTM E1105.