Regular and scheduled maintenance of a building asset is paramount to optimize the service life of a building. Our Maintenance and Renewals Plan contains useful information to assist building owners in maintaining their buildings. The maintenance of the building envelope will help to ensure that the components and assemblies fulfill their intended functions and realize their intended service life. The Maintenance & Renewals Plan’s (or Manual) main purpose is to define a minimum level and type of maintenance for building envelope components. A maintenance Plan establishes the frequency (annual or less) of review of each envelope element and what recommended action is required to maximize its service life.

The Plan typical includes:

  • A brief description of the building envelope components, materials or systems;
  • Relative susceptibility to rain penetration and general weathering;
  • Frequency and preferred season to undertake maintenance review and work;
  • Cost estimates for components renewal
  • A copy of warranties and guarantees if available (that are provided by the Contractor); and
  • Select product literature where available.